Korg Minilogue Custom Patches

This video, via synthesist Sally Sparks, documents her custom patches for the new Korg Minilogue analog synthesizer

Sparks’ video highlights the range of the Minilogue’s synthesis architecture, along with some of the synth’s limitations.

For more info on the new synth, see our Korg Minilogue review, our article about the Korg Minilogue synthesis architecture & the Korg site.

via Chris Stack

16 thoughts on “Korg Minilogue Custom Patches

    1. Mopho X4 is warmer than the Minilogue, but the Mopho’s static DCOs sure sound stiff compared to the MInilogue’s slightly drifty VCOS….although the Mopho X4 is warmer sounding, the Minilogue is grittier and capable of a much more authentic “vintage” sound. Both are great, but if you want VCO analog subtle magic, the Minilogue delivers it better. Not to mention that you have to menu-dive a lot on the Mopho, while the Minilogue offers one knob for almost all functions. At about half the price.

      1. I disagree, the mopho has a lot more grit than the minilogue. If you want drift just add some slop. I don’t see how the minilogue is better in any way other than the oscilloscope. The minilogue is great for the price, but doesn’t compete with more expensive synths with similar features. It beats the timbre wolf, but thats about it.

  1. I know polyphony is the point here, but I want to hear some demos of the 2 sub-osc mono mode. Let’s hear what this thing has in its nether regions 🙂

  2. its a great synth , simple , polyhonic, analog , warm and versatile , so many blame the synth for their lack of talent , john lennon composed a lot of hes most interesting songs on a ukulele lol …
    its not what but how you use it and if you suck at making music then the synth will suck cause the player makes it sound like crap lol .


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