Free, Open-Source 3D-Printed Synth Projects & Mods

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Reader Eric Mortensen let us know about an interesting collection that he’s curated of free 3D printable electronic musical instruments, add-ons and hacks for existing instruments.

Examples of the 3D printed items featured in the slideshow, above, include:

  • 3D-printed replacement parts for synthesizers
  • 3D-printed synthesizer cases
  • 3D-printed custom knobs and accessories

Other examples include DIY electronic music instruments and custom Eurorack panels.

Mortensen’s collection is an example of a trend we anticipated in our 10 Predictions For Electronic Music Making In The Next Decade back in 2010 – the emergence of DIY instrument designs that can be 3D printed. While most 3D printers are limited to printing one material at a time, there are now devices capable of printing basic 3D electronics. 

4 thoughts on “Free, Open-Source 3D-Printed Synth Projects & Mods

    1. I get that you don’t own a 3D-printer?

      Why does Synthopia always attract the idiots?
      And why do they always comment?

      The 3D-printer is the best invention this Century.
      It allows any one to manufacture part at home.

      1. You do realize they were invented last century; and as it is contending with TV, mobile phones and the Internet, I doubt it would win best of that century – and what did you say about idiots? I would suggest that is a personal insult, no?

        3D printers are great, but the fact you are getting so touchy regarding a simple joke does reflex that 95% of what people do with them is lame ass shit – like novelty knobs for a synth – JFC, it is almost one of the best inventions of last century.

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