The Rare ARP 2500 1045 Voltage-Controlled Voice

This video, via DJjondent, is a quick demo of the rare ARP 2500 1045 Voltage-Controlled Voice.

Here’s what he has to say about the module:

The 1045 has a VCO, a low pass VCF, a VCA & two envelope generators. EG 1 controls the VCF, and EG 2 does the VCA. It’s virtually a synth on its own.

There aren’t many of these out there so I thought I’d do a demo using just this module so everyone can hear what they sound like.

‘m using the ARP 1050 mix sequencer & 1027 clocked sequential control source but there is no external processing, compression, etc.

See his site for more photos.

15 thoughts on “The Rare ARP 2500 1045 Voltage-Controlled Voice

  1. This was really disappointing both musically (which I really do not care about that much in a technology demo) and sound wise. I expected something that would make me lust after a 2500 because from the looks of it it’s a really interesting machine.

  2. Why is it [ MOST ] modular demo videos I see and hear always sound like 1980’s
    Atari video game sounds ? Just boring and uninspiring. These sounds were fantastic
    during the Logans Run era…

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