Behind The Scenes With Make Noise Music

This video – recorded during a trip to Asheville, NC for Moogfest – captures a behind-the-scenes look at Make Noise Music.

The video doesn’t feature the type of gear news that we often feature on Synthtopia. Instead, it features the people behind Make Noise Music – Tony Rolando and Kelly Kelbel – and captures the story of how they came to make electronic music gear.

Of special interest are Tony Rolando’s stories of how he got involved in making electronic music gear – how seemingly chance events, like a library book sale, obscure vinyl music finds and hot Brooklyn summers led to a career making influential electronic music gear.

You can find out more about Make Noise Music at their site.

9 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes With Make Noise Music

  1. You get just a glimpse of how much passion Tony has for his product. If you ever have the chance, talk to him you’ll see the drive and vision that’s made him successful.

  2. Cracking video – just wish it was three or four times longer 🙂
    I look forward to the day I can afford a shared system – may have to rob a bank or two!

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