Yanni: “If You Blend The Piano With Real Violins & Electronic Sounds, Your Palette Increases A Thousand-Fold”

Greek composer and instrumentalist Yanni (Giánnis Chrysomállis) is on tour, and the AP shared this short video clip, in which he shares his perspective on the synthesizer:

“35 years ago, I started playing electronic music. 35 years ago, if I may remind you, synthesizers were not considered real instruments. People would go, ‘What is that?’

Synthesizers were shunned.

But that’s what I liked. I liked the variety of the sounds and I really enjoyed the blend.

If you gave a synthesizer to Beethoven, he would have used it like that! (snapping his finger)”

He goes on to argue that, by combining electronic instruments with traditional acoustic ones, your palette increases a thousand-fold.

via AP

9 thoughts on “Yanni: “If You Blend The Piano With Real Violins & Electronic Sounds, Your Palette Increases A Thousand-Fold”

  1. Growing up a major Yanni fan after his Channel 13 Live at the Acropois show, I always admired his playstyle. Give it a chance, it’s awesome.

    1. Zamfir is no longer touring. 1988 was his last show, 2008 last album.
      He was exiled from Romania in 1982 for supporting spiritual tranquility, then he played on much of Bill Conti’s score for The Karate Kid in 1984.

      He is 74 now and lives in Montreal. PM me if you need his number.

    1. Of course, and I don’t imagine Yanni had many friends involved in the acid house scene. Love his music and influence, thanks for posting the video synthtopia!

  2. Was more or less dragged-along by my Mom & Uncle to a show a few years back… I was more-than-surprised on how good him and his band were. A stage of World-Class musicians and instrumentalists and Yanni with like 6 KORGs playing Wakeman-style. It was great. So much variety. Even though it wasn’t really my scene I enjoyed the experience. Definitely one of the younger people there at the time.

  3. My mind always categorized the boomer generation adult contemporary “safe” music into one amorphous, revered drenched blob that I refer to as “Celine DiYanni”.

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