8-Oscillator Ribbon Synth For iPad

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DesignByPaul has introduced RS-08 – an 8-oscillator ribbon mono synth, with fine tunable chord memory.

According to the developer, “RS-08 is a unusual synthesizer loosely inspired by the compositions of György Ligeti.”


  • 8 oscillators
  • High Pass filter cutoff
  • Resonant Low Pass Filter
  • Amp ADSR
  • LP AR
  • On Board Effects; Chorus Reverb, Delay, Haas Spreader
  • XYPad (Master Pitch on X, Chord Slot change on Y)
  • 8 Waveforms
  • Glide (like portamento)
  • Stagger (delays the pitch change of each oscillator)
  • 99 Patch Save Slots

RS-08 is available for US $3.99 in the App Store.

Note: No video or audio demos are currently available in either the app listing or on the developer’s site.

If you’ve used RS-08, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

12 thoughts on “8-Oscillator Ribbon Synth For iPad

  1. What’s with an AR on the filter, but an ADSR on the amp? That’s backwards. Timbral/filter envelopes invariably must occur within the amplifier envelope. An AR on the filter is meaningless. It’s not clear what the waveforms in the oscillators are. And no Audiobus is a death sentence in any synth ap these days.

    Looks like it could develop into something useful with a little more work. Cross mods, mod-matrix, more LFOs or other modulation sources and perhaps a discrete note capability on the X-Y pad with assignable scales. That could work out very nicely. But for now the synth engine looks very basic and without the ability to modify such basic voice architecture by passing it through other effects via Audiobus well, …it’s back to the drawing board, boys.

  2. Guys, it’s an instrument. A tool. You can either use that tool effectively and create music with it, or you can’t.

    I bet you a person with enough whit and creativity could write 5 albums using this synth alone.

    All we get is complaints and whining on this website. If the dude wanted toput more lfos and different envelopes, he would have.

    1. Let’s face it…
      It is an instrument for people that have no idea about music production and developer is probably one of them…
      It is an instrument that DOESN’T offer basics like Audiobus, IAA, AU or MIDI.
      It is an instrument that sounds like rubbish, sorry, but it does.
      It is an instrument that costs as much as 10’s of other instruments on offer that DO cover all these grounds and sound MUCH better as well.

  3. Yes, this is an app that can use a bit more work. Given its nature, I don’t think MIDI is a good fit – but if the developer goes on to add Audiobus and IAA, this could quickly turn into a sweet piece of kit; even without those, this is a fun li’l sound generator. Gotta tell y’all, I’ve spent $3.99 or more on many apps that weren’t as much fun as this.

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