David Bowie’s ‘Crystal Japan’, On Korg Minilogue Demo

This video, via K More, captures a cover of David Bowie’s Crystal Japan, on the new Korg Minilogue.

Here’s what K More has to say about the technical details:

There’s light compression on several tracks and I’ve used EQ to actually cut a fair amount of low frequencies to clarify the mix. The bass line is pretty much untreated. Other than that, no reverb or delay added.

10 thoughts on “David Bowie’s ‘Crystal Japan’, On Korg Minilogue Demo

    1. Yeah right you must have some magical new VST that I’ve never heard, and I’ve got them all pretty much. Also the lack of hands on control with VST’s make them as inspiring as a fart in a bottle. And no, mapping them to a controller isn’t the same – you still have to stare at a pc screen

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