Source Audio Intros Nemesis Delay Stereo Effects Pedal

Source Audio has released the Nemesis Delay, a powerful stereo delay pedal, featuring 24 distinct effect engines, ranging from vintage tape, analog, and oil can delays to advanced pitch shifting, reverse, filter modulating, and rhythmic delays.

The Source Audio Nemesis Delay features 56-bit processing, eight onboard presets, multiple delay taps, a hold function, tap tempo, full MIDI control, deep editing functionality with the Neuro Mobile App, and much more.


  • 24 Delay Engines — Nemesis features 12 onboard delay engines accessible via the center selector wheel, plus an additional 12 delays downloadable via the Neuro Mobile App.
  • 128 Presets — Save up to eight presets accessible via the onboard controls or save up to 128 presets recallable with MIDI program change (PC) messages.
  • Stereo Input and Output Jacks — Create dramatic stereo ping-pong delays, stereo phase inversion, or set up an external effects loops, pre or post delay.
  • Tap Tempo — Tap in the delay time with the onboard tap tempo switch. Beat divisions include quarter notes, dotted eighth, and triplets.
    Hold (a.k.a. “Freeze”) Control — Use the tap tempo switch to freeze a small portion of the delay in a continuous loop.
  • Deep Editing Functionality with the Neuro Mobile App. — Adjust additional parameters, save and share personal presets, and download bonus delay engines with the Neuro Mobile App.
  • Complete MIDI Functionally — Send MIDI program change (PC), continuous controller (CC), or MIDI clock messages via the 5-pin MIDI DIN Input (also includes a MIDI Thru jack) or the USB port.
  • Universal Bypass — Select either analog buffered or relay based true bypass.
  • Expression Control — Assign expression control to any combination of knobs and program the depth and direction of each. Compatible with all Source Audio expression pedals, the Hot Hand 3 Universal Wireless Effects Controller, and 3rd party 1/4” TRS (tip hot) expression pedals.
  • External Switching Capabilities — Change delay presets with an external 1/4” TRS (tip hot) footswitch.

The Nemesis Delay is available with a street price of US $299.

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  1. This looks amazing. I’ve spent a lot of time searching for a general purpose stereo delay pedal to use along with my stereo synths / modular systems as well as for guitars and its seemed as if Eventide and Strymon were the way to go until I saw this. Thanks for the heads up!

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