Live Hardware Techno Jam In Stockholm

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live hardware techno jam by Calle Nilsson at Debaser Medis, Stockholm. 

Here’s what Nilsson has to say about it:

Here is a live performance I did earlier this week. All live, no computer. Gear used: Elektron Analog Four, Analog Rytm, Octatrack, Roland AIRA TR8, TB3 MX-1

9 thoughts on “Live Hardware Techno Jam In Stockholm

  1. Would be nice to see what he’s up to with all those machines but I guess shaky cam of the front of the stage is just as good, right?

  2. Nice music and performance!

    Maybe you should have a laptop on stage next time, though, so you can determine what genre it should be classified as before posting it here. And you could check your email.

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