Stereoping Controller For Roland Alpha JUNO synthesizers

The Stereoping Synth Controller is a custom hardware MIDI controller, designed to bring knob editing to synths with cryptic menu-heavy interfaces.

This video demos the Stereoping Synth Controller Alphaj edition, for the Roland Alpha Juno series. Models for many other synths are also available. 

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Instead of struggling with the synth’s built in cumbersome edit-interface, the Stereoping Synth Controller offers 16 dial pots and 3 lighted buttons to shape the sound interactively.

On the high quality, scratch resistant frontpanel you will find a fixed defined parameter set telling you immediately which pot alters which parameter.

Details are available at the Stereoping site.

6 thoughts on “Stereoping Controller For Roland Alpha JUNO synthesizers

  1. The Alpha Juno 2 was my first synthesiser and I loved it.

    Editing was neither cryptic nor menu-heavy, it probably has all of 20 parameters. AND it had an LCD display to tell you what’s going on (plus a 5 octave keyboard with aftertouch, compare that to modern red synths!)

    But knobs are always nice to twiddle 🙂

    1. It had literally ONE knob – the only way they could have cheaped out more would have been to replace the knob with those up/down buttons.

  2. this is a diy kit, it seems, which is useless to me. i think i would rather have the MIDI Club Juno CTRL or DTronics DT-300 anyway.

  3. Useful product if I had a lot of synthesizers and I wanted a sort of swiss army knife knob box. But for the Alpha Juno series the MIDI Club JunoCTRL is way more comprehensive and also much less expensive.

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