Korg iDS-10 Now Universal


Korg has updated iDS-10 to version 2.0, adding iPad support, Audio Export and more.

Here’s what’s new in Korg iDS-10 2.0:

  • iPad support: Now goes universal app with support for iPhone and iPad
  • Audio Export: SoundCloud, AudioCopy, Dropbox and iTunes File Sharing support
  • PLUS mode that brings massive expansion (In-app purchase): double the number of synthesizers (from 2 to 4) and Voice Synths (from 1 to 2). Also, sound edit during song playback and a 12 track sequencer give you higher levels of music creation and performance
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Korg iDS-10 is available for 50% OFF until Feb 23. Sale Price US $9.99 (Reg. Price US$19.99).

13 thoughts on “Korg iDS-10 Now Universal

    1. You get two additional synth tracks, one additional voice track and the ability to edit while the song is playing.

      I think you can press the purchase button and it will tell you what you will get without charging you…

  1. Strange I put it on my ipad before this happen, along with several other apps.
    iTunes wont go directly BUT get the page link and BINGo you can get the app

    1. I think it needs a 64 bit processor/iOS version. Might be due to the version of Xcode they used and the time of the release of the original app?

  2. When I first put it on my iPhone 5c…it would just freeze…or keep pressing buttons for something to happen…I installed it…now it’s working perfectly…even on my iPad 2…but now I want to assign my midi controller…don’t know how…can’t find anything…to even give me a clue

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