39 thoughts on “Ambient Artistry With A Korg Minilogue

      1. the upper comments get it right, the efx are twice as expensive, you could make anything sound good with them..no matter how thin it sounds…

      2. LOL Tom S. Well, whether a synth sounds good or not is subjective. Please point us to a clip in which you think that the the Minilogue sounds amazing.

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  1. What is your problem, people? Are you jealous, because you can’t afford the synth or the effects boxes? Or are you envious, because you’re unable to create such nice, musical pieces yourselves? I’m sure, he could have done the same with the effects that came with his free copy of Ableton Live Lite, when he purchased his audio interface. It’s not about the price of the gear used, it’s about the musical idea.

    And for those who are not impressed by the sound of the minilogue: Show us any other analog poly synth at this price point that is as versatile as this. And then go and listen to some of the reviews out there. The bottom end of this synth is deep and strong. And just because it doesn’t have one gazillion modulation destinations, doesn’t mean it cannot produce as diverse sounds as an Prophet 6 or ’08. Oh, and btw, when was the last time you heard a synth five times as expensive that was used completely raw and unaltered in a professional production?

    So, please, give us a break.

    1. Who cares if it’s only $500? If it sounds bland and vanilla, it sounds bland and vanilla. It sounds like a glorified Volca. If you want to spend $500 on bland and vanilla go right ahead. Others of us will spend our money on other synths.

      1. I care that it’s only $500; Not all of us have deep pockets, so it’s nice to see more budget-minded gear about. They’re not as nice sounding as some of the more expensive synths, but they sound decent enough, and there seems to be enough flexibility in them to be usable. That’s not to say I’ll be buying one; I don’t reckon my budget’ll stretch to $500, so I’d be more likely to pick up a microbrute or a shruthi-1 than this, but it’s nice to know it’s about.

      2. I actually think the Keys sounds better. Dirtier, more alive, warmer. I already have two of them and I was planning to build my own poly analog with four Keys and something like Polymer (VST). The Minilogue release haven’t changed that plan.

      3. “bland and vanilla” – which is apparently your personal opinion, which is actually not shared by many others here in this forum. That does not make one or the other opinion more right or less right, but you won’t convince anyone by just repeatedly whining about the same thing over and over again. Simple as that. So why don’t you just try and get over it, so everybody can move on?

  2. I’m curious as to what a new synth should be/have to satisfy this crowd. People is asking for analog for quite some time now and NOTHING makes it for them.

    Some commenters here need nothing short of a minimoog, but cheaper and fresh, with an “inspiring” sound (whatever that means).

  3. I love this!
    Sounds great! Clever use of hardware!
    Why do all of these threads devolve onto critical, judgmental rudeness?
    If you don’t like something don’t buy it.
    If you don’t like someone’s talent, post your own music if you think
    it’s so much better so that others can judge you.
    I’m still discovering new things my old VirusA and V-Synth can do, but I’m saving
    up to buy a Minilogue before the price goes up.
    It’s about creativity and enjoying the journey.
    We’re all in this together.
    ST*U and just play.

  4. Most good tunes ever written consists of several thin sounds that are cleverly spaced and arranged. And if they’re fat sounding to begin with, they certainly don’t remain that way in order to sit in a mix.

  5. thanks for the video… I find it very inspiring and interesting. Why so many negative comments about the tools and prices of the machines these artist use?

  6. I got up this morning, and started listening to this track – it’s great – Vangelis-like sounds. To me, I love this video because it’s almost a how-to video for live looping with the Pigtronix.

    But what really sounds good here is the ARTIST – not the gear or choice of synth. Daniel is a really talented musician and his work is consistently the bomb.

    As for the price of everything – look, theres sales on Ebay and Reverb, and there’s layaway plans – so don’t let me hear people gripe about money.

    Thanks for posting this – and keep on making music.

    If Korg stuff isn’t your style, then get something else – there’s literally an unprecedented litany of choices at your finger tips…

    If you are here to sway me away from something I love (Korg Minilogue) ask yourself why it matters to convince someone else why YOU think the synth/pedal/etc sucks…

  7. OK, well at this point I think it’s pretty clear: we need to destroy every Minilogue in existence and summarily execute everyone involved in its design and manufacture, along with their entire families and all their pets. Who’s with me?

  8. Never seen a synth inspire such divisive opinions, especially when some commenters have never even seen or played one. Do or don’t like, but don’t spoil the site with your negativity. Personally, I’m pumped that we all have access to a 4-voice analog synth at this price point. Sure there may be a trade off here or there, but isn’t that already obvious? Music is about having fun and letting go not how many gizmos you can slap on a faceplate.

  9. I think Korg should just raise the price of this synth to 1,500$ so that wannabe “connoisseurs” will say that it’s actually a good synth.

  10. Make it 8-voice, give it a decent chorus and reverb, and throw a full-size keyboard on it and charge $800 and it will sell like hotcakes.

    1. Yeah, right. You are aware what 6 or 8 voice all analog polysynths with high quality analog and/or digital effects and decent keybeds cost in general? No? Let me name a few for you, currently on the market (no, not vintage synths):

      DSI Prophet 6 – 2800 EUR
      DSI Prophet 08 – 1900 EUR
      DSI Prophet 12 – 3000 EUR
      DSI OB-6 – 3300 EUR
      DSI Mopho x4 – 1000 EUR
      Elektron Analog Keys – 1600 EUR

      Everything else is either digital synths, VA synths or analog mono synths. Get the point? Now, try again.

  11. Man, reading this thread makes me sad and apprehensive for humanity – RaRaRa I know better than you – listen to me – you are all n00bs … etc.etc. – grow up Kiddies! – demo’s cool, as is the minilogue – it ain’t the gear, it’s your ideas! – I know some musicians who can make pots and pans sound good, and they’re a lot cheaper than any fancy synthemasizer!

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