Sound Design With The Moog Mother 32

This series of videos, via Rishabh Rajan, explores sound design with the Moog Mother 32 Eurorack analog synthesizer

Topics covered include creating patches without the patchbay, PWM using the patchbay, recreating the classic Pink Floyd ‘On The Run’ sequence and creating FM sounds.

For more on the Mother 32, see our Moog Mother 32 Overview with Moog Product Development Specialist Steve Dunnington; Nick Batt’s Moog Mother 32 Review; and the Mother 32 product page.

6 thoughts on “Sound Design With The Moog Mother 32

  1. Great stuff! I’ve been hearing some folks complain about the limitedness of the M-32s–like you need more than one, or a modular to utilize it’s potential. These videos–very well done btw–show some of the many possibilities with just one M-32. I have a Sub 37 and as much as I love that instrument, I use the M-32 more. There’s an immediacy with it, super quick to dial in a wide range of sounds and the sequencer is outstanding. Also helps that it’s a small footprint–can easily fit it on a desk…

  2. i think is so expensive for 1 only oscilator and 2 waveforms , should have included at least 2 oscilators or at least a triangle waveform . a great synth in rest of features … moog did it well , you feel compelled to buy other mother

    1. Based on the current Eurorack competition, it is a steal. I don’t really find it limiting either. Sounds pretty huge, very versatile. Sounds different enough from my Sub Phatty to be a good companion, but super stellar in its own right. The thing is fantastic.

  3. well, i think actually the price is very good, you cannot buy a set of Eurorack modules that has a 32 step sequencer, keyboard buttons, midi interface, and all other synth features in that price range. it’s not a very good deal for a Eurorack user already have all the sequencer and interface modules, but i think it is great deal for who want to start a modular synthesizer.

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