Synth Jam With A Swap Meet Lowrey Genie Organ

This synth jam, via Earmonkey Music, is a nice demonstration of how old organs – which you can frequently find at swap meets or on Craigslist for next to nothing – can still sound great and be very useful instruments, if you use them creatively.

70’s electronic artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Klaus Schulze made extensive use of organs. 

Here’s what Earmonkey has to say about the video:

I found this little organ at the swap meet yesterday for $35. Brought it home, Played its cheesiness for a while (I”ll post my Little Mermaid jam later….I’m not kidding), and then introduced it to the big boys.

Shove this thing through some Valhalla Ubermod and Shimmer (big plug for those FX plugins here), and you have a beautiful sounding thing indeed. The volume pedal on the organ allows you do to the swelling pads. The “repeat” feature on the organ gives you kind of an LFO of sorts in that it will retrigger a preset. I kind of messed with that in here and varied the speed of the repeat. It almost goes into the audio range….too bad it doesn’t quite make it.

Anyway, the Microbrute you can see, and the Minilogue and Mother 32 are synced via my Beatstep Pro playing a simple sequence that comes in a few minutes into the thing. But I think this goes to show that you don’t need a Prophet 6 to make nice music. Though, if anyone out there wants to send me a Prophet 6, I’m game.

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