Tabla Live Looping, With Elektron Octatrack & Analog Rytm

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s something a little different – a live looping tabla jam, by Neybuu.

Neybuu is featured in an interview at Elektronauts, where she has this to say about her setup:

What’s your favorite technique, using the Octatrack?

I like to live sample the tabla and process them with effects. Sometimes I add neighbor machines. It makes for endless possibilities! I also like to use scenes for morphing between effects. The MIDI sequencer is very conductive to happy accidents, especially when you get all the LFOs running.

In what way do you think a classic Indian musical instrument and a contemporary Swedish electronic instrument is a good mix?

Simply because I love the sound and musicality of the tabla. When you combine it with the incredible processing power of the Octatrack, or use tabla samples in the Rytm, the experimentation is never-ending.

Neybuu is also featured in the Analog Rytm sound library Total Tabla.

via reader Jeremy Allen

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