Pastoral Tones Plugin Inspired By Boards Of Canada

Pastoral_Tones_Product_900pxSampleScience has released Pastoral Tones – a Kontakt instrument, inspired by the sound aesthetic of Boards Of Canada.

The plugin includes 62 preset sounds to choose, from featuring analog synthesizers, flutes, brasses, strings, electric pianos, sound FX, basses and atmospheres.

The acoustic instrument sounds have been sampled from public domain films produced between the 1950s and the 1970s. To thicken the sound, various sound modules have been added, including a sub oscillator, vinyl and film grain noise layers as well as field recordings sampled from public domain old films.

All the preset sounds are one sample stretched over 5 octaves of the keyboard.

Here’s the official audio demo:

Pastoral Tones is available for US $18.99.

13 thoughts on “Pastoral Tones Plugin Inspired By Boards Of Canada

  1. Good sounds, but the problem with computer music I find is – it sounds like computer music. There’s nothing organic about it. Since everyone has jumped from using analog in the 90s to using digital computer sounds in 2000 era, music just start sounding really bad to my ears. And those plug in emulations sound just like a digital emulations, they lack of a character and sonic emotion.

  2. Don’t even try to copy BoC. We all fail. Even BoC fails at their own thing some times.

    But I’m sure this can be great if you use it for other things 🙂

  3. It says it’s a Kontakt instrument. Does it need Kontakt / Kontakt player to host it? Or is it a VST made with Kontakt (as you can probably guess I know f**k all about Kontakt!!).

  4. It is NOT a Kontakt instrument as stated above. It is a 32 bit/64 bit VSTi plugin for Windows and a Universal AUi/VSTi plugin for Mac OS X. Visit the website and see for yourself.

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