Audiomodern Intros Modularps, aka ‘Twisted Modular Goodness’

Audiomodern has introduced ModulARPS – a loop-based sampler instrument for NI Kontakt, also available on WAV, AIFF & REX

ModulARPS offers an array of sequence loops. divided into folders Bass, Beats, Melodies, Textures, Drones, Rhythms and all designed to fit together. It is designed to work in a range of musical and sound design scenarios.

All loops have been created using a large modular synthesizer and various analogue effect units.


  • Samples at 48Khz/24Bit
  • Hundreds of new recordings for source material
  • 1 total Gb of sounds
  • 350+ loops
  • Deeply produced, effected and tweaked loops
  • Simple and easy to use 2 Tab GUI with FX and tweaking options.
  • Complete FX section including Stutter, Custom Convolution Reverb with 10 presets, Delay, EQ, Drive, Lo-Fi and more
  • All loops automatically sync to your DAW’s tempo
  • Easily change the key & speed of any loop
  • Available in KONTAKT, WAV, AIFF & REX formats

ModulARPS is available now for € 29.00 (normally € 39.00).

4 thoughts on “Audiomodern Intros Modularps, aka ‘Twisted Modular Goodness’

  1. I get your point. On one hand it is more and more difficult to tell whether the people who produce loop-based music have tons of skills, or just a nice budget for loops.

    On the other hand, if we think of people who use loops (like in GarageBand) as audience members, and loop makers as the creative talent, then we have a different paradigm where the audience is interacting more interactively and less passively with the content.

  2. I think it’s fine as long as you take the time to manipulate the sound a bit… I mean, it’s the same quintessential issue that comes up over and over again… is sampling ok and creative? In my book, yes it is as long as you recontextualize the original sound.

    On the other hand, I can’t believe people don’t build their own snare drums to sample and load into their sampler. How deep does the rabbit hole go? Very deep.

  3. This virtual instrument is utilising original loops with a framework to be able to mangle them out of recognition. I wouldn’t call this a loop library really, it’s a virtual instrument more so but can be a basic loop library if you’d rather instant sounds/beats etc.
    Also, because it’s recorded from a large modular synth system, not everyone can afford one to create their own sounds. This is the next best thing really.

    And I agree, as long as you do something with loops, you can be very creative. Ever used an Octatrack? An excellent example of working with loops whether they’re your own or not.

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