Make Noise Maths Eurorack Module Hands-On Demo

The latest episode of Modular Monthly takes a look at the Make Noise Maths Eurorack module.

The Maths module is an analog computer that’s designed for musical purposes, so you can do things like:

  • Apply Lag, Slew or Portamento to control voltages
  • Change the depth of modulation and modulate backwards!
  • Combine up to 4 control signals to create more complex modulations
  • Musical Events such as Ramping up or Down in Tempo, on command
  • Initiating Musical events upon sensing motion in the system
  • Musical note division and / or Flam

It’s available via Make Noise for US $290.

6 thoughts on “Make Noise Maths Eurorack Module Hands-On Demo

    1. if you enjoyed the video, just make the plunge. you won’t regret it. a shared system plus a few additions, such as tempi and clouds, will keep you busy for a long time.

  1. I think the Make Noise Maths is something that everyone interested in synths should get a little familiar with. It’s such a wonderfully logical design. Even if you aren’t into euro, and even if you never get to use one hands on, just understanding how Maths works and watching a few videos such as this one can teach you so much about synthesis.

  2. What a great instructional video. Very well thought out and very well executed. Those looking to make similar videos could learn a LOT from it.

    I cannot say I learned anything about MATHs I didn’t already know but I wish I had started at this point.

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