SoundBow – A Drawing-Based Sequencer For iOS


Developer Agoston Nagy has introduced SoundBow – a drawing-based music instrument with a simple visual interface.

SoundBow is designed to let you create music by drawing curves over the screen.Each time your ever-looping gesture hits a string, a sound is produced.Your gestures will be remembered and played back continuously.

Apart from drawing, you can experiment by moving the strings around freely to rescale your instrument. You can also record any sound through the microphone and create melodies, soundscapes with your samples.

Here’s a video demo:

SoundBow is made with free and open source tools. The interface is built with OpenFrameworks, for accurate polyphonic sound sample playback, the sound engine is made with SodaLib, a free Data Sonification Library built on top of libPd (Pure Data).

SoundBow is available in an ‘extended version’ in the App Store for US $1.99. The original version is also available as a web app and as a free download for Android via Google Play.

9 thoughts on “SoundBow – A Drawing-Based Sequencer For iOS

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I checked their site and apparently the iOS version is an ‘extended version’, while the original version is available on the web or for Android. I updated the post to reflect this.

  1. Very cool app but no AB or IAA hurts. I believe the dev has been asked to implement some way of getting sound out. There’s a lot of potential here.

  2. It would be a cool next-step to have the drawn spline leave behind bezier points where the notes are actually being played. That way a user could tune the one or two notes that don’t quite fit after a finger gesture.

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