2020 A New Semi-Modular One-Screen Beat Machine


2020 is a new semi-modular beat machine for OS X, designed for beat making and real-time compositions.

2020 is based on two ideas:

  • Generate a million sound/sequence variations from a single, small idea.
  • Make entire beats in just one screen. (without scrolling or switching windows)

It’s being developed via a Kickstarter project. Here’s the project video:

Audio Demos:

The user interface is designed ‘like the console of a spaceship’ – all functions can be controlled from one screen:

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2020 has many randomizing functions built in, allowing over 500 parameters to be manipulated freely. By controlling the probabilities and variation ranges of these functions, you can perform and produce, according the developer, as ‘a live conductor’.

Note: 2020 is designed for OS X standalone. There are no current plans for a Windows version or a VST/AU version.

2020 is available to project backers for about US $99. The project is already funded, with 28 days left. See the project site for details.

via Peter Kirn at cdm

20 thoughts on “2020 A New Semi-Modular One-Screen Beat Machine

  1. I’m glad the video did not consist of a guy wandering off of the streets into an abandon warehouse where he has 20K worth of gear powered up and waiting. 🙂

    This has my attention too. At first glance/listen I’m impressed!

  2. Really nice demo tracks and tones. The mastering sounds really good too (which I assume was done internally). I also quite like how much realtime control was in the demo vid. Seems pretty versatile without resorting to tired kinds of tones. Very cutting tones.

  3. Once you start going THAT way, why not have a full DAW with the same approach!? 😉

    As a user interface designer I love and hate is design at the same time.

  4. Love the gui, hope they expand the synthesis as I don’t really use samples. Also a VST version would be much more practical for most people.

  5. I wish they would change their mind about the plug-in support. With no integration it is just an expensive toy, albeit a full featured one.

  6. no vst/au? this is as useful as this circular sequencer that worked only standalone if i remember correctly, useless in a studio setup. at least ios so you could use it live..

  7. The problem with putting everything on one screen is how do you then add new features to the app?
    This one already looks incredibly cluttered and there’s probably no room left to add new sequencers, oscillator types, filters or effects.

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