18 thoughts on “Old Style Techno With A Hoover From The Korg Minilogue

  1. This doesn’t count unless it has random quotes from “Running Man” pasted all over it. And then on every back-beat it has to have chipmunks saying “oh yeah!”.

  2. You guys should be careful. People start heralding the return of “old-school” techno won’t be so happy when the logical progression of Happy Hardcore follows hot on its heels…

    1. There seems to be a proliferation on comment threads around the ‘nets lately of people who are *very* particular about their definition of “techno”. I call them the Techno Police. I would like to know who is in charge of determining the definition of what is “pure” or “real” techno, and how does this person account for the fact that it is a broadly-defined term that has had many variations over the course of at least 35 years? Because if you were being a purist, it would “technically” only refer to a very specific form of dance music from Detroit in the early 1980s.

  3. This seems like a great synth. I am very amused with peoples fear of mini keys .
    I am one of those who got into synths in the early to mid eighties and we knew that by plugging a midi cable into a midi device we could control it from a master keyboard! Now did this fundamental of midi…using a controller keyboard get lost in the mists of time?
    I lost my passion for a studio full of full sized keyboard synths when rack gear was popular.
    I think I am saying that the younger music people are a bit wet behind the ears and seem to have missed the basic idea and strength of MIDI.
    Small keys , desktop synths and 19 inch rack units keep our studios ergonomic and easier to use.

  4. I’m always surprised by myself how the visual appearence determines the charakter of sound. Metal and mini = small and cold. On the Juno 2 i had it was a larger sound but with a plastic attitude. This is why i prefer wood and plastik over metal. 🙂 By the way, the Juno indeed had a larger than life sound. Its a machine that could burn the dancefloor together alone with some drumbreaks. Only heavy equalizing made it fit in the mix.

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