Bastl Instruments Intros CV Trinity, A ‘Modulation Superhero’


Bastl Instruments shared this video demo of the CV Trinity – a new Eurorack module that they call a ‘modulation superhero’:

CV Trinity has 6 independent channels, with CV outputs, each of which can be set to AUTOMATION, LFO or ADSR. Each channel also has a CV INPUT.

The selected output [select OUT] outputs a copy of the channel that is selected for editing and lights the indication LED. Use SELECT buttons for selecting the channel and knobs for adjusting its parameters. Pressing the mode button changes between the modes. Clock OUT can be adjusted by holding select button and turning the top knob. Clk OUT is normalized to Clock IN

Automation is 32 step voltage memory with adjustable amount of linear interpolation. Hold the record button and turn RECORD knob to adjust the automation curve. Clock input advances to next automation step. Automations can be variable number of steps and can be clocked either by master clock input or by individial CV inputs.

LFO has RATE that goes up to audiorate, XOR waveshaping and SHAPE selection with ramp, triangle, inverted ramp, flopping ramp, flopping triangle and stepped random voltage source with smoothing. The random signal can be looped. LFO can by synchronized to clock input (different divisions/multiplications are than set with the RATE knob). CV input controls the RATE of the LFO.

ADSR uses the CV input as GATE input for triggering the envelope. It can be linear or exponential, it can be looped and it can either work in ADSR mode or AHR mode. DECAY is set to the same value as RELEASE.


  • 6 independent modulation channels
  • CV input and CV output per channel
  • select OUT outputs current selected modulation channel
  • indication LED for select OUT
  • each channel can be either AUTOMATION, LFO or ADSR
  • AUTOMATION: clocked 32 step memory with adjustable linear interpolation, number of steps and possibility of independent clocking
  • LFO: rate, XOR waveshape, shape (ramp, inverted ramp, triangle, flopping ramp, flopping triangle, stepped random with smoothing and looping), synchronisation with clock
  • ADSR: attack, sustain , decay set to same value as release, linear or exponential, looping mode, attack-hold- release mode
  • jumpers to select 0—5V or 0—10V range for each CV input
  • clock input
  • clock generator output normalized to clock input

The CV Trinity is available for €250.00 at the Bastl Instruments site.

via FSK1138

5 thoughts on “Bastl Instruments Intros CV Trinity, A ‘Modulation Superhero’

  1. Looks pretty good. Select button seems quite close to the left most big button though. Just wish they’d hurry up and release the metal panels they’ve been talking about for a year.

  2. I still really like the look of these modules, wish the kits were a bit cheaper and had a finished wood panel option….but that’s likely just nitpicking.

    So much Euro it’s hard to not want it all.

  3. Congratulations, this interface goes into my museum of absolutely awful user experiences. Someone designed this, right? Wooden panel looks nice.

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