Grove Audio Teases Four New High-Density 5U Modules


Grove Audio shared a preview of four high-density dotcom-style 5U modules.

Together, along with their MIDI to CV converter, the four modules, above, pack two complete 5U synth voices into an 8 unit wide space:

  • The updated GMS-742a MIDI to CV Converter offers up to four channels of 16 bit CV outputs and 4 gate outputs. The module can produce up to 4 polyphonic control outputs.
  • The GMS-302 Dual VCO combines two VCOs with 4 simultaneous waveform outputs and a selectable WAVE output that is chosen from one of five possible waveforms. The VCO has internal adjustments that allow the octaves to be calibrated accurately. The WAVE output also feeds an internal VCA, the control input of which is available on the panel. This allows amplitude control with an external CV without additional modules.
  • The GMS-709A Dual DADSR generates ADSR envelopes with an optional starting delay. The range of timing for the attack, decay and release is one millisecond to 10 seconds. The amplitude range of the ADSR waveform is 0 to 5V either plus or minus polarity, linear or exponential, and single shot, looping or gated operation.
  • The GMS-204 Dual Multimode Filter allows the user to select from one of 16 possible filter configurations with 1 to four poles and including low pass, bandpass, high pass, and all pass (phasor). Each filter has a voltage controlled resonance control and two exponential voltage controlled frequency inputs, 1V/Oct and adjustable.
  • The GMS-714 Ouad VCA has four high quality voltage-controlled amplifiers that can be set for either logarithmic or linear control response. Each control input has an attenuverter that allows positive or negative control voltages. In addition, pairs of amplifier channels can be combined for a panning function. There is an internal 4 channel mono or two channel stereo mixer.

Details on pricing and availability are to be announced.

11 thoughts on “Grove Audio Teases Four New High-Density 5U Modules

  1. These will be expensive compared to a M-32, that’s for sure.

    If space is really your major concern then 5U might be a bad choice for a modular.

    Be handy if there was another, smaller option in the modular world….

    1. what do you mean by “smaller option in the modular world”? check out eurorack, there’s plenty alternatives there and way more tastier, crazier flavors.

      1. It was a joke….

        If space is the concern, Eurorack is the way you should head…not jammed 5U.

        Granted, a single voice on one module would be nice in 5U for basic utility sounds…but this isn’t even close to that.

  2. 5U is higher but also a lot more comfy – bigger knobs, more space between knobs. It’s good to hear that new modules were produced in 5U world. The bad part of this news – no big scalable pictures/detailed info anywhere about it. Like a secret research)

  3. What is the point of choosing a larger format and then stuffing it full of random knobs, confusing graphics and a mess off LEDs?

    1. The only reason you’re confused is that you’re looking at a tiny picture.

      Do you really think it’s difficult to figure out what the 5 knobs on a DADSR module are? Or what the big knob on a filter or an oscillator does?

      These look like will be very straightforward and easy to understand modules to anyone familiar with subtractive synthesis.

      1. I am very familiar with modular synths. There are multiple knob sizes and style. I can count 4 different sizes and 2 styles. Some legending has white squares. If this is for outs then why don’t the other modules have them? I didn’t say their function was confusing but for one manufacturer to have such an un-uniform layout cause me to comment. If the layout is “very straightforward and easy to understand modules to anyone familiar with subtractive synthesis”, then what is the socket to the right of the LEDs on the filter for?

        I understand what the controls for a DASDR do but I didn’t comment on this. What I would say about the envelope layout is that we see a column of 5 knobs, 2 jacks and a group of LEDs. A Q109 envelope has 4 knobs, one LED and one jack socket in the same height. That is my issue. A 5U usually has plenty of room. These have similar spacing to euro. Of course there are no rules but again that wasn’t my point. It was the filling of the space as others have also mentioned.

    1. Not sure where you’re getting your numbers, but if they are correct, the two-voice Grove system would be about the same price as two Mother 32s – which are a bargain in the Euro format.

      The Grove will have better usability and build while the Mother 32 has a much more interesting digital control and sequencing side. Both look like good deals.

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