Intros 5U Gate Math Module

Large format modular manufacturer has announced the Q173 Gate Math – a new module that divides and multiplies gates and clocks, produces random gates, sequence patterns, drum patterns and various irregular patterns.


  • Four separate outputs can be individually programmed with hundreds of possible options.
  • Six configurations can be programmed then selected manually or via voltage control.
  • Each configuration selects the options you’ve programmed for each of the 4 outputs. This allows you to easily switch between divisors or patterns.
  • Gate output options include Binary which has a 50% gate time, Trigger which has a short 5ms gate time, and Gate which duplicates the width of the incoming gate. The output can be switched between normal and inverted polarity, and the S option causes the first incoming step to be skipped. This allows for an amazing array of possible output patterns.
  • Each of the 4 outputs can receive its gate/clock from the IN jack, or from other outputs using the Source setting.
  • Setting options is easy – just set the desired option with the top knob and the three toggle switches, then press the Set button for the output you want to program.
  • The Simple setting provides quick access to divide-by-2, 4, 8, 16 at the 4 outputs.
  • Without a plug inserted into the IN jack, the Configuration knob and jack operates as an internal clock source to drive the outputs. This clock is available at the Thru jack. This allows the Q173 to be used as a stand-alone gate sequencer, random gate source, or drum pattern generator.

The Q173 Gate Math module is available for pre-order for US $268. It’s expected to be available in July of 2016.

5 thoughts on “ Intros 5U Gate Math Module

    1. I’d second the video request.

      This looks like it will be a killer module. Some of the features, though, like the ‘Alt’ option, need more documentation or a demo to show what it can do.

      I’m also wondering if this would double as a ratchet module, using the CV modulation of the configuration.

      I like these new dense dotcom modules. I’d love to see them do an all in one synth voice in 1-2U, like a cross between their LFO+ and the Steiner Microcon. It’s rare that I don’t have a VCO-VCF-VCA-EG synth voice patched up for doing basslines or sequences.

  1. I was gonna order a 167+to primarily use as a AUDIO oscillator, with the extras, good…however, I notice that there is NO FINE tuning parameter on it.
    WORRY or Dont worry? sync control it to another osc all the time?
    I know I could use it in situations where fine tuning isn’t necessary
    But still I’wanted to ask.
    So, asking opinions and suggestions for a good single space oscilator, full sweep, with a fine tuner

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