An Introduction To The LinnStrument

Instrument designer Roger Linn shared this new overview of his LinnStrument expressive MIDI controller. 

The LinnStrument is one of a growing number of MIDI controllers that can capture three dimensions of expression for each of your fingers.

For example, pressure into the LinnStrument surface can translate into volume, movement up and down the instrument can translate into timbre changes and left to right into pitch changes. This results in more realistic virtual instrument performance and more expressive options for synthesists.

The LinnStrument also supports Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE), a de facto standard for using MIDI to connect instruments that support polyphonic 3D control with synthesizers. MPE is already supported by Roger Linn DesignROLI, Apple, Moog, Haken Audio, Bitwig and others. This polyphonic 3D control is already built into software instruments in Logic, MainStage, Cubase and Bitwig, as well as Omnisphere, Strobe2, U-He synths and more.

Details on the LinnStrument are available at Linn’s site.

3 thoughts on “An Introduction To The LinnStrument

  1. Really impressive set of features. Looks like Roger is getting really comfortable moving around this new musical format. I wonder how long that learning curve is. Thanks for continually seeking the future of music Roger!

    1. It works right out of the box for basic playing. There’s a bit of tweaking needed to get the more advanced features working well. I’d say it’s easier to learn than a guitar because of the guide lights, the small uniform grid, and no need for strumming technique.

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