DInSync Intros New ‘Wildcard’ Module & Acid-Inspired DIY Kits

At Superbooth 2016, we talked with DinSync’s Paul Barker, who’s best known for creating acid-inspired gear and the RE-303, and got a preview of his modules in action.

At Superbooth, Barker introduced a new module, the Wildcard, and gave us an overview of some upcoming x0x-inspired DIY kits. 

The DinSync Wildcard is a Eurorack module that’s designed to let you easily swap out ‘submodule’ PCBs, which let you customize the Wildcard’s function. For example, you could have multiple filter submodules, giving you a variety of filters, without the cost and additional space of having multiple dedicated modules.

The system is similar in concept to the Black Market Colour Palette, which is a Euro module that you can customize with multiple submodules.

Barker also announced a new partnership with synth DIY provider Thonk to release his most popular Eurorack designs as DIY kits.

If you’re not familiar with Barker’s RE-303, it’s a DIY ‘reissue’ of the original Roland TB-303 design:

See the DinSync site for details.

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  1. So glad that the 303 modules will live on, they sound fantastic! I also have a Drum Dokta 2. About a third of my modules are Dinsync and i love them all! Plus, Dinsync have top notch customer support.

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