An Introduction To Reaktor’s Euro Reakt Blocks

This official Native Instruments video features an introduction to Michael Hetrick’s free Euro Reakt Blocks.

Euro Reakt is a series of Blocks inspired by many decades of modular synthesizer innovation. These Blocks focus on the aspects of modular synthesis that make it so popular and unique, including generative composition, wild multi-out effects, intense modulations and deep control.

The collection includes a Low-Pass Gate, a Wavefolder, a Probability Router, an all-in-one Drum voice, an 8-way Switch, a complex AD Envelope, a Frequency Shifter, a Quadrature LFO, Wavetable Distortion, Boolean Logic calculators, and more.

Euro Reakt Blocks is a free download at the Reaktor site.

5 thoughts on “An Introduction To Reaktor’s Euro Reakt Blocks

  1. I’ve been using Michael Hetrick’s blocks since the 1st ver. he ever posted, pure awesomeness. Turned the realtor bocks system into a serious tool for truly experimental sound exploration that I would have had to shell out $1000’s in hardware modules if I wanted explore. Though I’ve never met nor even spoken toMichael Hetrick, I credit him as one of the folks who helped me find the musical voice I was looking for in my own artistic journey.

  2. After being ‘out of the box’ for a few years now enjoying eurorack, this may be what gets me back ‘into the box’. Great work!

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