Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar Features Built In Electro-Acoustic Effects

At Musikmesse 2016, Yamaha introduced a new line of guitars, the Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar, that includes electro-acoustic chorus and reverb.

yamaha-internal-650-80The effects are generated by an actuator, fitted inside the guitar, that vibrates in response to string vibrations.

These vibrations are then carried by the body of the guitar and the air inside and out, generating reverb and chorus sounds, without the need for external effects.

Three knobs let you adjust the degree of effect applied and the line out volume level:

  1. Reverb Control (Room / Hall)
  2. Chorus Control
  3. TA Switch / Line Out Volume Control

The Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar is expected to be available in August 2016. See the Yamaha site for more information.

2 thoughts on “Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar Features Built In Electro-Acoustic Effects

  1. The Tonewoodamp was a successful kickstarter last year that did pretty much the same thing except you could move it between guitars and it had more effects and features. The demo vid above is pretty cringe worthy, but in practice it’s a very cool way to play acoustic guitar with reverb and delay without having to use a P.A. system.

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