13 thoughts on “Birdkids Intros 42HP Synthesizer At Superbooth 16

    1. it´s a camera mic, what do you expect, except a stupid comment nothing constructive i guess.
      listen to the bateleur demos on youtube, this thing is juicy, fat and pure analog power.
      but i guess you´re probably safer with a akai synth anyway.

  1. The distribution bus and mixer seems like a great idea if other manufacturers can get onboard with the idea. I like their approach of design for the user thinking of ergonomics with uncluttered modules and cases.

    1. dear caligari, it’s not so much a speculation on our part whether the mil-speced parts will break or not, just a higher standard of manufacturing requirement for field-use.. therefore the amount of predictability and security under performance stress is given – not so when using cheap bulk components 😉
      It’s really just about necessity where it counts from experience and real-life situation – not fancy marketing 🙂

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