Secrets Of The E-Mu SP-1200, With Creator Dave Rossum


At Superbooth 16, E-Mu founder Dave Rossum was representing his new company, Rossum Electro-Music.

But Muso Talk’s Hans Jörg Bordin took the opportunity to talk to Rossum about the classic E-Mu SP-1200 sampler:

The SP-1200 is a drum machine and sampler from 1987. It updated the SP-12, and increased the maximum sample time to over 10 seconds.

Note: The introduction of the video is in German, but it switches to English for the interview, about 25 seconds in.

9 thoughts on “Secrets Of The E-Mu SP-1200, With Creator Dave Rossum

  1. in his show from messe bordin has worn an official avid shirt with the wording “pro tools first”. in sharp contrast to sonic state where staff and participants act professionally musotalk lacks basic journalistic code of conduct imo. sad to watch.

    1. They’re not journalists. They’re videographers who post interesting music stuff on YouTube in the hope of earning ad revenue. It’s fantastic to hear Rossum talk about the SP-1200 and Emax, because the Drumulator, Emax and later the E-III were my workhorses for years.

      Besides, an Avid shirt is not going to influence Synthopians to abandon their modulars and Ableton Live rigs for Pro Tools. 🙂

    2. lars

      Remember that one time when you took issue with something a guy did somewhere else that wasn’t really relevant to this at all?

      That was kind of lame!

      Also – you seem to have missed the fact that Bordin got Possum to talk about a cool classic piece of gear, that nobody else thought to ask him about.

  2. I loved the interview – I hope things work out so we can see an SP reissue or new standalone hardware sampler from Rossum within the next couple years. I would love to check out an SP-1200, but $3800 on eBay is crazy money (for me)

  3. Yep, $3-4,000 is crazy for a sampler.
    I’d love to see some kind of remake to help quell to ridiculous prices people are paying these days.
    A modern version could be a monster.

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