New Polivoks Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

These videos, via Alex Pleninger, offer a sneak preview a new Polivoks synthesizer.

The first video, above, captures a demo of one of the first of the new Polivoks synths. 

The second video, below, original Polivoks designer Vladimir Kuzmin plays the new synth, along with Lidia Kavina on Thereminvox and Evgeny Voronovsky on an original Polivoks at Art-Aura 2016:

Details on specifications, pricing and availability for the new Polivoks synthesizer are to be announced.

16 thoughts on “New Polivoks Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. From recent announcement, first run is gonna $2000, then it will go up to $2400 after that due to it being a sponsored project.

    I miss my original Polivoks, picked it up for $700 in pristine condition on eBay.

      1. I 100% agree. Such a shame, disappointed with the pricing. I did really want this clone and super exicted, but sorry not for that price. $2000 is already a lot, but then to raise it afterwards? I bought the original in pristine for $700 including shipping from Russia just over a year ago. They sell for $900-$1200 usually. So I figured the clone would be maybe $600-$1000. Normally remakes are not double the price of the original. I was holding off for this, but now I’ll just buy the Korg Minilogue instead. I was so frigging exicted for this. Gutted.

        1. $600-1000 would be nice, but that’s pricing from the land of make-believe.

          Korg had to shrinky-dink the Odyssey in order to get it around $1000, and that’s a mono-synthesizer that’s mass produced, not made in limited numbers.

  2. i to like the polivoks sound ,but this price forget it,so i will go with a couple of polivoks osc ,maybe add a modal osc ,i’m thinking a microbrute to run them from my midi rig,i will not get the minilogue yet as you will all be buying them ,is there a better midi to cv control ican get or will the microbrute be enough control????

  3. If that price is correct, then I call shenanigans.


    … if I REALLY wanted a polivoks, I’d prob go either with Erica Synths or The Harvestman… much cheaper AND modular.

      1. II wouldn’t trust info that’s only available in a forum, a facebook post or a blog like Matrixsynth.

        This is vaporware if the guy can’t put together a basic website with details, demos and pricing.

  4. What a horrible demo, I don’t care about your keyboard chops. I want to hear how the synth sounds. Looks like the guy just used the chance to show off his mediocre skills. Tweak some knobs!

  5. There’s no less than 10 Polivoks’ on Ebay right now. Average selling price is about $750. They range from $400 to $1250. In many cases you would pay significant shipping (I guess maybe the same with this product from the same region unless they have dealers). The market at $2000+ is very small. The market for this one might be even smaller with the originals out there.
    I understand it’s described as a high quality version with high quality parts. Will be interesting to see how it does.

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