Vintage Synth Jam Features Best Of Analog, Digital Synthesizers

Firechild’s Hybrid Dreams features a sort of “Who’s Who’ of vintage synthesizers.

The track, from Firechild’s album Blue Stardust, features Yamaha CS-80, Roland Jupiter-8, PPG Wave 2.2, Memorymoog, Minimoog, Jupiter-4 and the new Tom Oberheim SEM Pro. An Elektron RYTM provides the beat.

via Firechild

16 thoughts on “Vintage Synth Jam Features Best Of Analog, Digital Synthesizers

    1. You must be deaf and have no soul.
      His stuff is just incredible. Truly emotive, well composed and just great sounding music.
      Made on incredible machines.

      Let’s hear some music of your own that is better!

      1. no i can hear pretty clear otherwise i can like every single overused preset sounds with effortless stale musics but my soul feeding with music and doesn’t want to eat 20 years old crackers anymore!

    2. i think you dont now so much about music, if dosent this are good.maby you try old reaggymusic ore something try that:)

  1. Gorgeous,makes me feel happy.Theres nothing like a simple arrangement requiring minimal keyboards skills to let these machines do their stuff.

  2. A rich man with a narcicism flavour..
    The stuff don´t do the music.. Sorry! Some effective melodys with wrong arrangements and the result is flaw.
    A CS-80 is not designed for trancey tunes. Vangelis knows something about this.

  3. Hey, what’s wrong with using vintage analog gear to do 1990s style music? Kebu wants to have a word with you…

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