4 thoughts on “Pamelia Stickney, Thereminist

  1. The last time I saw Bob Moog alive, he and I were sitting at a table at the Grey Eagle (a music venue in Asheville) listening to Pamelia play. Although I had provided some engineering assistance in the design of the Ethervox theremin she is playing in this video, I was not yet working for Moog as marketing manager and did not know much about them at that point. I had never seen one played live. I remember leaning over and asking Bob, “so, she’s really, really good, right?”, to which he replied “Oh yeah, one of the best in the world”.

  2. Mad skills, but not pretentious at all. What a nice introduction to the instrument.

    Though I know there are “tried & true” accepted techniques for playing the instrument, I like that she seems to have found her own way with it and has a unique voice with it. That was some pretty fun weirdo music she was playing with that band.

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