Audio + VJ Performance On The iPad With Takete

Developer Jonathan Papert of Refined Stochastic Technology shared this video demo that shows how he uses Takete for iPad for combined audio + visual performances as Mannheim Rocket
Takete is an advanced audio visual performance app for iPad. Its flexible architecture allows audio and visual elements to be combined and routed to suit your needs.

The app lets you combine audio and video loops with granular synthesis, drum machines, modular inline/send FX and extensive programmable and flexible behavior.

Takete for iPad is available in the App Store for US $49.99. A free version, Takete Lite, is also available that lets you try out the functionality of the app.

4 thoughts on “Audio + VJ Performance On The iPad With Takete

  1. It’s a game changer. Nothing else like this exists in one app – even on the desktop. On my iPad Pro I’m running 8 streams of audio and 8 streams of video without a hitch. Midi implementation is still being refined, but if you want to do everything from the tablet, this app is uber powerful.

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