Soundmachines Modulör114 Eurorack Analog Modular Synthesizer Details Announced


Soundmachines has announced details for their recently introduced Modulör114 Eurorack analog modular synthesizer.

The Modulör114 is an all-in-one analog modular synthesizer, designed to be used as a complete Eurorack synth voice or as an independent synth module. 


Key Features:

  • Analog Heart – The heart of the modular synthesizer is a full set of more than twenty freely patchable analog modules.
  • Connectivity – The integral USB MIDI to CV interface sports many features that are yet to be found on the majority of Eurorack modules. Apart from the classic pitch and gate signals, the module can derive a 16th clock, the modwheel amount to CV and, finally, Parameter Change control over two CV, an attenuator and a slew controller.
  • USB HOST capability – By selecting the HOST interface, you can plug in a USB MIDI keyboard or control surface and have your complete synth working, without any PC.
  • All-in-one Design – MODULÖR114 is made to be a slim, portable unit and it can be powered also by the USB device port.
  • Unique Features  – The MODULÖR114 includes a couple of hard-to-find functions in many competitor’s machines: a ribbon controller and an internal quantizer.
  • Full DSP Unit – The modular includes a complete FX unit, based on a 24bit DSP, offering delays, chorus and reverbs, all controllable with CVs and tap tempo inputs.
  • Digital modules – including logic gates, clock dividers and trigger buttons.
  • SYNTH Button – a hidden monosynth that you can recall at the touch of a button. The button connects all the red labeled jacks together in the classic monophonic synthesizer signal flow. Without using patch cords, you can start playing just by plugging a usb keyboard in.


  • Three-way power supply: USB, 12Vdc, eurorack ribbon.
  • 1 USB/MIDI (Device AND Host) to CV with MOD output, Clock and 4 CC# integration
  • 2 VCOs (one simplified, one full optional!)
  • 1 noise generator (white-pink)
  • 1 LP/BP resonant 12dB/oct VCF
  • 1 VCA with saturation
  • 1 four stage ENV generator with looping option
  • 1 output amp with headphone driving capability
  • 1 ribbon controller with GATE and CV generation
  • 2 manual cv generator
  • 1 scale and chromatic quantizer
  • 1 S&H
  • 3 mixers
  • 3 attenuators
  • 1 clock divider
  • 4 logic gates
  • 2 buttons / manual triggers / function buttons
  • 1 fx unit
  • Modulör114 is enclosed in a robust metal case and could also be detached and seated in your 84hp eurorack case.
  • MODULOR114 is compatible with any Doepfer style Eurorack power supply.

Here’s a hands-on demo of Modulör114, from Superbooth 16, by creator Davide Mancini. He not only gave us an in-depth look at the new Eurorack synth, but he also demonstrated it with a dual-MODULÖR114 jam session:

Details on pricing and availability for the Modulör114 are still to be announced. For more info, see the Soundmachines site.

6 thoughts on “Soundmachines Modulör114 Eurorack Analog Modular Synthesizer Details Announced

  1. “you can plug in a USB MIDI keyboard or control surface”
    Does this mean I could connect via USB to my DSI Pro 2 and play/sequence it from there? Does that count as a “controller”?

  2. probably the most interesting all-in-one modular unit Ive ever seen

    well done… these guys are just killing it

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