Erica Synths Intros The World’s Smallest Eurorack Modular Synthesizer At Superbooth 16

This official video from Superbooth 16 captures an overview and demo, by Girts and KODEK of Erica Synths, of their upcoming Pico Eurorack modules. 

The Erica Pico modules are a new line of 3HP Euro modules, designed to be minimal modules that pack interesting features into a tiny space. There are 20 modules planned for the line, including a 16-stage step sequencer, VCO, VCF, EG, drum module, VCA, Output and more.

Details on pricing and availability of the Erica Pico Eurorack modules are to be announced.

11 thoughts on “Erica Synths Intros The World’s Smallest Eurorack Modular Synthesizer At Superbooth 16

  1. I think I see where this is going. Eurorack will become smaller and smaller until some clever person introduces a normalized synth containing all the building blocks you need to make music – vco+ vcf + vca under microprocessor control. Once they do that, it’s easy to digitally store patches without cables. I bet that polyphonic versions would be possible, too.

    Oh, wait. 🙂

  2. compact eurorack modules are great. everyone who lugs around a setup to gigs regularly knows that. i hope the trend goes to flatter and lighter modules where the entire real estate of the faceplate is fully exploited with dials and sockets.

  3. i wouldnt buy a whole rack, definitely too small and fiddly dor me, but some single modules – perfect. drumsampler, trigger, seq, this is brilliant.

  4. love the idea, i have a qubit eon that takes up only 2hp, perfect suboscillator for things and other things, amazing how much can be crammed into such small space, i kind of prefer most modules to be larger with more patching possibilities the bulk of the time though, small tools have their place though, the more the merrier!

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