Moog Model 15 For iOS Hands-On Demo

The latest episode of the iOS App Update takes a look at Moog Music’s new Model 15 software synthesizer.

Host Mitch Gallagher is joined by Sweetwater synth guru, Daniel Fisher, who helped develop the preset patches for the Model 15 app.

The Moog Model 15 hardware modular synthesizer was originally released in 1973, and was re-released last year as a $10,000 limited edition reissue, right. The system offers a complete analog synth voice.

the Model 15 app extends the original’s design in musically interesting ways – adding support for polyphony and even Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) – a new standard for expressive synthesis control. And Bluetooth LE support means that you can connect advanced keyboard controllers, like the ROLI Rise, for wireless MPE control.

Pricing and Availability

The Moog Model 15 Synthesizer app is available now for US $29.99 in the App Store.

28 thoughts on “Moog Model 15 For iOS Hands-On Demo

  1. Idea is cool but from this demo I can’t hear lower end and also the dithering which occurs when tuning parameters doesn’t justify its price.

    1. The app sounds ridiculously good. Like it puts all other synth apps to shame. Not to mention the UI is out of this world. The price is more than justified IMHO, especially when you can pay upwards of $200 for inferior VST synths.

  2. I really appreciate that Sweetwater has embraced iOS apps even though they can’t sell them directly.
    A preview of Fisher’s sound bank posted on Palm Sounds sounded fabulous.
    I’ve already got dozens of barely-used music apps, but this is going high on my list of future indulgences.

    1. Sweetwater are no dummies, iOS musicians need audio and MIDI interfaces, MIDI controllers, microphones, and live performance gear.

      Model 15 sounds amazing and I’m having a great time with it.

  3. Seeing all these apps for iOS is very frustrating as I moved to Android some years ago to get away from the closed in ecosystem and have no plans to move back. Is there any valid reason why there are no such music apps for Android, other than it being written in Java which is always an impediment.

    1. What’s surprising to me is that Android has been a lousy platform for music apps for close to a decade, yet people STILL are surprised when iOS gets all the good music apps.

      Reasons why Android is terrible for music apps:

      Performance on typical Android devices is poor.

      Audio latency and touch recognition latency are slow on typical Android devices.

      The Android audience is a hugely fragmented mess of OS versions and devices to support.

      Android users don’t spend money on music apps, so it’s not a profitable platform for developers.

      Android lags way behind iOS in its implementation of audio and music technologies that are needed for music apps.

      Android lags at least 5 years behind iOS in third-party app development.

      These are real issues that are huge barriers to music app development on Android. Music apps on Android are possible – but you’ll find that they tend to be ones that don’t need the type of realtime, responsive interaction of the musical instruments that are common on iOS.

        1. “Music apps on Android are possible – but you’ll find that they tend to be ones that don’t need the type of realtime, responsive interaction of the musical instruments that are common on iOS.”

    2. There’s no need to ‘move back’. If your Android device is a phone, pick up an iPad to do music with. Keep your Android and enjoy it for what it excels at. It’s not about platforms and ecosystems, it’s about what you want to do as an artist.

      1. so sad when people talk about operating systems and such

        The real questions is your program (or app) if it doesn’t run on that machine it is a boat anchor

  4. The only reason why this isn’t on PC yet is surely because they think Ipad users are the most susceptible to ever want to dish out for the real hardware at some point. (Ipad is for rich people)

    1. Yui said: “(Ipad is for rich people)”

      Like oily synthetic gin and Victory cigarettes, Android phones were designed for the proletariat.

    2. You’re posting this on a dedicated news site for synthesizers.

      …where it’s not unusual for people to talk about droping four (or five!) figures on a monophonic synth
      …where a $500 polyphonic synth is often criticized as being a “toy”
      ….where people post videos of their “home studios” with 10’s of thousands of $’s of toys

      …and you’re saying a < $500 HANDHELD COMPUTER is for rich people?

      1. Yes this is what I am saying. Mogg would have released this to PC if this is not what they thought.

        I am not saying I think Ipad is for rich people. I am saying that Mogg thinks that otherwise they would have released it to PC. Pc is a mature and fully functional platform.

        There is no other reason other than they are not looking for profit on this app but rather a plain marketing gimmick. Heck even Waldord realized this and released Nave on Pc,

      1. or people stop coming to the site

        ever wonder why “”Yahoo”” is doing badly, just look at the homepage
        it use to be like google is now BUT 10 year ago it became what it is today


  5. I bought this immediately. I have an iPad Pro (I’m not rich) and it’s brilliant. A true beast that lets you enjoy your sonic putty. $30 is a steal. Remember, beautiful looking AND sounding apps like this require MUCH labor. I’ve made a dozen presets that blow my mind. Almost as much as Waldorf’s Nave. You won’t be disappointed.

  6. Being filthy rich, I have an iPad and the Moog app, and am greatly enjoying all three…..but Model 15 seems not to respond to my usb keyboard going thru iTrack Dock. Most synth apps with virtual keyboards work fine, so wassup wiv da Moog I wonder..?

  7. Apart from the fact it sounds increadible this app comes alive on iphone with 3D touch – the animoog keyboard supports the pressure sensitivity and slide at the same time – only obvious downside is the size of the phone

  8. I imagine a box, 86% of it’s original size, with dedicated (1/4 inch) jacks and controllers, with an iOs engine, running only Model 15, with an analogue output stage for added presence, at £599. I also want my own pony.
    …some say I’m a dreamer…

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