Free Vintage Electric Piano VST / AU Plugin

sweetcase-EP-vintage-electric-pianoNoiseAsh Audio Tools has released Sweetcase – a vintage electric piano virtual instrument, for OS X & WIndows.


  • Professional vintage electric piano sound
  • All samples were recorded, mixed / mastered through classic analog gears such as tape saturator, tube eq and compressors.
  • Many round robins and different velocity layers for realistic sound.
  • Bass Boost, Bell, Modulation (Pan, Tremolo and Pitch), Built in Reverb controls.

Here’s the official video intro:

Sweetcase Vintage Electric Piano VST / AU Plugin is available for US $29, or as a free download with a social media ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet’.

8 thoughts on “Free Vintage Electric Piano VST / AU Plugin

    1. There is no distortion. They say that they used analog mic, preamp and cabinets like real life. There is a nice analog saturation. I really liked it, it sounds great.

    2. There is no distortion, only analog saturation that makes this instrument greater than the others. Yes this analog sound is the purpose. But you don’t understad that….

      The best free electric piano instrument that I’ve ever had.

  1. Warning: make sure you download this in one session or their website will block subsequent attempts. I have contacted them for another chance.

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