Yeco Offers A New Way To Control Ableton Live


ScreenForge has launched with a new version of Yeco – a multi-touch controller for Ableton Live that runs on both Windows and Mac.

It was formerly available via developer Graham Comerford, who, with designer Martin Reilly, founded ScreenForge.

Yeco is a full-featured multi-touch controller for Live. It offers access to Live’s device controls, plus an extensive range of MIDI controllers; Drumpads, Keyboards, XY pads, Hex Controller and the MIDI Controls Panel.

Here’s a video intro:

Here is a playlist of in-depth of video tutorials:

Yeco works on any touchscreen and has full ten point multi-touch.

If you have a touchscreen laptop or desktop monitor, you don’t need any external controllers or tablets. Everything happens on the same computer as Live, resulting in a more stable experience without the need to worry about servers or wireless networks.

With a touchscreen laptop, like the Microsoft Surface, Yeco lets have a mobile studio, without the need to carry controllers with you or connect to a network.


  • The interface has been designed with simplicity and usability in mind. Those familiar with Ableton will recognize Live’s session view instantly. Features include mixers with large faders for precise control & accurate metering, device controls with value feedback from Live and all of Live’s names, colors and playing positions.
  • Yeco’s MIDI controllers have a range of features that allow you to play expressively and intuitively. The Keyboards features include positional velocity control on each key, channel pressure, macro controls and assignable MIDI controls.
  • The Drumpads have the same positional velocity control and are slightly taller than they are wide. This allows for expressive, precise playing – especially noticeable when playing rolls and crabbing.
  • Yeco’s Hex Controller uses an isomorphic keyboard arranged in a harmonic table note layout. This makes it easy to transpose chord shapes or scale patterns.
  • Yeco features a set of 4 large XY pads for multiple parameter control with easy assign buttons.
  • The MIDI Control Panel features 56 assignable elements including: 27 sliders, 6 knobs, 9 momentary buttons and 14 toggles.

Pricing and Availability

Yeco is available now for €45.

If you’ve used Yeco, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

3 thoughts on “Yeco Offers A New Way To Control Ableton Live

  1. I was waiting for something like that for quite a while. It’s just too bad that the Midi controller part is set and can’t be edited like on Lemur or Touchable.

  2. This has a lot of potential, but it doesn’t have clip names and colors, which is a deal breaker for me. I don’t think it has Session Overview (for an 8×8 matrix) either, another deal breaker for me, AFAIK .

    But I am watching to see if these are implemented in the next upgrade, especially since I now have an i7 instead of a Pentium…….

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