FXpansion Announces Geist2 Beat Production System

Today audio software developer FXpansion announced the availability of Geist2, the new incarnation of their award-winning Geist. Geist2 is a sound-sculpting and beat production system with streamlined sample manipulation, arrangement, and modulation capabilities for intuitive and accelerated workflow.

Geist2 is an advanced step-sequencer and sample-based drum machine realized in software, designed with an “elegant and ergonomic” way to easily build beats and work with all kinds of music material. Grooves and rhythms can be performed and programmed quickly using Geist2’s redesigned, resizable (Retina/4K-compatible) interface.

Geist2 key features:

  • Load samples or record direct to pads, slice loops, intuitively sequence beats and manipulate your sounds with unprecedented speed.
  • Trigger scenes and retro-capture performances to take the pressure out of the recording process.
  • Create evolving polyrhythmic beats with individual track lengths, event probability and the new TransMod modulation system.
  • Reworked vector interface can be resized, rescaled and reconfigured to your needs.
  • Circuit-modelled filters, new effects, loop point modulation, 64 pads for slicing longer loops and much more.
  • Vintage sampler emulation mode for authentic old-school crunch.
  • Quality sounds and loops to inspire your creativity.

Here are some audio samples from Geist2:

Geist2 is available for Mac OS X (10.9 or higher) and Windows (7 SP1 or higher), as 64-bit-only AAX, 32- and 64-bit AU and VST, and standalone versions.

FXpansion_Geist2_boxPricing and Availability

Geist2 is available to purchase and download directly from the FXpansion website for $199.00 USD/€179.00 EUR/£139.00 GBP. Current Geist owners can upgrade to Geist2 at a reduced price of $99.00 USD/€89.00 EUR/£69.00 GBP.

Additional information, including product highlights, expander packs, and system requirements is available from FXpansion.

12 thoughts on “FXpansion Announces Geist2 Beat Production System

  1. first let me say geist is a lot of fun and i wish them all the best with number 2, but nothing gets on my nerves more then these words……………. “award-winning”

  2. I fire up Tremor all the time– the sounds are good if not the most distinctive, but it’s just fun… I wonder if it will ever get a jazzy update, it kind of feels like an orphan.

  3. After using several different DAW’s I noticed something about Geist(1) – it sounds markedly better (to my ears) than anything else. I’m not sure what voodoo under the hood is responsible for that but FXpansion have earned my full respect and support. (Geist is also my favorite to program within).

  4. Very comprehensive, almost a DAW by itself. I don’t really use samples, prefer synthesis. But if I did, this looks like it.

  5. on their page it says “a sampler that samples!” and for this my hats off to them. coming from an MPC state of mind when i dove into computer music all these years ago it astounded me how so many soft samplers did not have a way to actually sample, and come to think of it this is the only one i have seen that can. bravo, gonna keep my eye on this…

  6. I love Geist. It’s one of the only software instruments I tried and then actually purchased and use. The included samples/libraries are very good and the sound quality is great. I’m definitely upgrading, if not just to support these guys.

  7. i have a question for all geist users. i´m contemplating purchasing it. does geist have a bpm detection function? thank you.

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