It’s Officially ‘Techno Week’ In Detroit


Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has officially declared May 23rd-30th, 2016 Detroit Techno Week, to celebrate the role of Detroit and its artists in the creation of techno music and the annual Movement Electronic Music Festival:


grandma-technoThe lineup for Movement 2016, scheduled for this Memorial Day weekend, features Kraftwerk, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Maceo Plex, Seth Troxler, Tale of Us, Chris Liebing, Dubfire, Caribou, and techno pioneers Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson and Borderland (Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald). See the Movement site for details.

If you’re in Detroit for the Festival, keep an eye out for Grandma Techno!

9 thoughts on “It’s Officially ‘Techno Week’ In Detroit

  1. Pretty amazing. If you would have told me that there would someday be an official techno week, when I was just a greasy teenager blasting Lords Of Acid through the shitty dash speaker of my Datsun 210, I wouldn’t have believed you. Our music has come a long way.

    Too bad Detroit is such a dangerous bombed out Shithole.

    1. While it’s not the first town I’d walk through with money hanging out of my pocket, Detroit has come a long way towards feeling like a “friendly” place over the last 10 years. I’ve been visiting the festival (from Toronto) for at least that long, and been to Detroit on a few other occasions – it’s hard not to notice.

      … And the festival is consistently awesome. It gets bigger every year. If you like techno and house this is definitely the place to be.

      Finally this year Kraftwerk is playing! I’m thrilled finally catch their 3D set on a true world-class sound system. I’m sure there a lot of youngsters scratching their heads, many of whom will be delighted. I hope they bring their robots, and that they don’t play “pocket calculator”.

      Movement is smart this year to be putting different headliners on different nights, so each night will have a climactic closure.

    2. That’s like laughing at how a mugging victim looks because they are so bloody. The people of Detroit have struggled for decades with being abandoned by business and having the lowest population since 1850 (as of this year). “Dangerous” happens because of scarcity and neglect.

      If we’re not up to your aesthetic standards by all means stop listening to our music.

    3. Too bad you obviously haven’t been there. Your words just gave that away. Just another nameless faceless commenter spouting rubbish… as usual. Give a clown a forum to speak and hell hang himself every time.

  2. Have you even been to the D? One of the best up and coming art and music scenes in the world. Some of my favorite people live in Detroit. It’s by far my favorite American city. Plus, Juan, Kevin, Carl, Derrick, Jeff and Kenny are from the D. Nuff said.

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