New Bob Moog Documentary, Electronic Voyager, Fully Funded


Electronic Voyager – a new documentary on Bob Moog from the team behind I Dream Of Wires – has met its Kickstarter funding goals.

The crowdfunding project has raised over $100,000, from over 700 backers, to create the new film. 

Robert Fantinatto and Jason Amm, the Director/Producer duo that made I Dream Of Wires are producing the new documentary in association with The Bob Moog Foundation.

“We aim to create a definitive and personal documentary about the life of iconic synthesizer pioneer, Bob Moog,” they note. “We are passionate about bringing this film to life and doing justice to Bob Moog’s seminal and fascinating story.”

Planned interviews include:

  • Iconic Moog musicians: Rick Wakeman (Yes), Gary Numan, Larry Fast (Synergy, Peter Gabriel), Gershon Kingsley (First Moog Quartet, “Popcorn”), Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff (TONTO’s Expanding Head Band, Stevie Wonder), Roger Powell (Utopia), Patrick Moraz (The Moody Blues, Yes), Steve Porcaro (Toto).
  • Early electronic music pioneers: Herb Deutsch, Morton Subotnick, Bernie Krause (Beaver & Krause, Moog modular session musician – George Harrison, The Doors), Joel Chadabe, David Borden (Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company).
  • Contemporary Moog musicians: Moby, Adrian Utley (Portishead, Moog Ensemble).
  • Friends and music industry contemporaries: Dave Smith (Sequential Circuits), Tom Oberheim, Roger Linn, Dave Rossum (E-mu), Mark Vail (Keyboard Magazine), David Mash (Berkelee College of Music), Dominic Milano (Keyboard Magazine), Wayne Kirby (University of North Carolina – Asheville).
  • Session musicians, composers, technicians: Patrick Gleeson (Herbie Hancock, film composer), Greg Phillenganes (Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson), Edd Kalehoff (tv/film composer), Michael Boddicker (Michael Jackson, film composer), Will Alexander (Keith Emerson’s synth tech).
  • Moog employees/collaborators: Bill Hemsath, David VanKoevering, Tom Rhea, Roger Luther, Greg Hockman, Tom Gullo, Dale Ong.

Details are available at the project site.

6 thoughts on “New Bob Moog Documentary, Electronic Voyager, Fully Funded

  1. Backed it at the Micromoog level, since that’s the Moog I have! My first synthesizer, got it in 1978. Very excited that his film got fully backed.

  2. boring subject. make a film about ppg´s wolfgang palm instead. or about the ´drum machine war´ between roger linn (linndrum) and tom oberheim (dmx). nobody cares about another moog documentary except the moogfest goers.

    1. Boring is pretty subjective. Undoubtedly this may be of more interest to those who were originally inspired by those instruments and by Bob Moog. He was an amazing engineer with an understanding of artistry and musicality. The sound of Moog is what inspired me (and many others) to get interested in electronic music and eventually I got my BA in Music Composition. However I was in college in the 70’s, so this was “the sound.” I can see that maybe it is less relevant to those growing up in the 80s sound-wise, but boring is probably not the right word.

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