Ripcord Lets You Power Your Music Gear Via USB

Ripcord is a new power adapter system, designed to let you power your music devices via USB.

The goal of the system is to free you from having to rely on custom wall-wart power supplies and wall outlets. ripcord-power-options

Ripcord cables are available in 7 different voltage variations and offer five different tip adapters.


Production of the Ripcord system is being funded via a Kickstarter campaign, with individual Ripcord cables available to project backers starting at 12 Euro. See the campaign site for details.

11 thoughts on “Ripcord Lets You Power Your Music Gear Via USB

  1. Hopefully Ripcord did solve the problem with the interference frequencies while being plugged to electricity.
    Even the original power supply does a zzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….
    Btw. every KORG product does have this problem!

    1. I found that it depends on the power adapter, I got one from the volca unofficial accessories site and it works much better than the “official” one for some reason.

  2. This is freaking awesome. Instead of a power board for my pedals, I can put in a USB port powered from one plug. I would want to be sure the right USB hub was used that could handle all the different charges. I hope they make hub recommendations or include one in their range.

  3. There are portable USB battery chargers 19V 3A, 19V 4A with modular tips to fit variety synths & electronic devices

    Astro Pro2
    Intocircuit Power Monster
    Intocircuit Power Castle
    Poweradd Pilot Pro2
    RAVPower Xtreme

    $140 £90

    1. Ripcord is totally flexible – it lets you power gear from *any* USB port – so you can get other voltages from even a cheap USB power bank, you don’t need a special expensive one.

      1. Does this mean I can power from my 5V 2A $25 USB battery charger. Would be awesome.
        How so since many synths require at least 19V 4A.

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