19 thoughts on “Three Mothers, Two Hands Synth Jam

  1. One of Moog’s (marketing) greatest triumphs has been convincing so many people that they need multiple Mother-32’s. By simply offering that three-tier rack, every cashed up GAS addict didn’t stand a chance. So much money for a basic 3 osc synth. I still think the Doepfer Dark Energy has more sonic character than a single Mother32.
    The Slim/Little Phattys still sound far better than these single osc units (I have them both) but of course so many can’t see past the alter of ALL HAIL: KNOB PER FUNCTION. This does not apply to the eurorack fans who just wanted some Moog love!

    1. Totally agree that the three tier rack was an epic coup on Moog’s part. Whomever dreamed that up deserves a raise.

      That said, I think you’re very much underestimating the M32s. Yes, it’s fairly basic synth but it’s quite a bit more than OSC->FLT->ENV, (not to mention MIDI->CV, sequencer with memory, and a load of patch points).

    2. The even greater marketing triumph is that they continue to thrive selling monosynths (ok one is paraphonic). They probably gross about $20m/year. They are very well run these days. There is no question they will ‘not’ make a polysynth as long as people keep buying all the mono’s. Once people get tired of the mono’s and they see a slight dip in sales then and only then they will release the first polysynth to give them bump for another decade.

  2. So much kvetching from people whose imagination doesn’t seem to extend beyond criticizing others’ gear choices.

    Next time consider listening to the music and offering constructive feedback, guys.

    This sounds a bit like vintage Tonto’s Expanding Head Band to me. C&M had a little more gear, though.

    1. It’s entirely OK if someone doesn’t like this jam. I happen to be in that category. The sounds are really boring. What kind of constructive feedback should I offer? In this case perhaps: Use some external filters or effects if the internal ones produce such a bland sound. Or use the Eigenharp as a controller instead of the wobbly buttons on the synths themselves. But why should I tell someone else what to do? If they like it that way that’s fine with me.

    2. Did you hear the music at all? It is trivial, boring and, worst of all, without any emotion, passion, commitment whatever. If that music were played on any other set of gear it would not make much difference.

  3. Wow, so much criticism. After many years of chasing expressiveness in electronic music through the Eigenharp and LinnStrument, for this piece I wanted to constrain myself exactly to one synth per voice, using only the built-in keys and touching nothing else than the Mothers.

    I’m happy with the result and I like the song. Imho the simplicity, repetitive nature, basic arrangement and limited playing possibilities all come together nicely.

    Now if you don’t like it, that’s a pity, but there’s plenty of other music and synth jams to listen to, so all’s good.

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  5. Wow, I am never submitting my music here. Whatever happened to if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing? How do words like crappy, trivial, etc. help the performer improve? It appears amateur critics are worse than pros…

  6. hard to make bad music with a moog, although there may be some.

    just wondering what other names they had before 32? (think about it, but dont post, be nice)

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