Erogenous Tones Intros Mother’s Little Helper Mother-32 Companion Module

At Moogfest 2016, Euro developer Erogenous Tones introduced a companion module for the Moog Mother-32, the Mother’s Little Helper.

We talked with Erogenous Tones’ Rick Burnett, who, in the video embedded above intros the Mother’s Little Helper, along with two other modules, Gatestorm and Levit8.

Mother’s Little Helper is a companion module intended to be used with the Moog Mother32 semi-modular synthesizer. The MIDI out port allows CV/Gate control of Bank and Patch, changing the assign output, and allows turning on/off the MIDI controlled sustain ability of the Mother32. In addition, a Sample & Hold circuit has been added that is designed to be gate driven.


  • Assign CV/Gate input with attenuator, can select 16 different assign output settings for the Mother32.
  • Bank/Pattern dual CV and Gate input with attenuators. Can select from 8 banks and
  • 8 patterns stored in the Mother32.
    Gate toggle input for Sustain setting.
  • OR’d buttons for all Gate inputs for manual triggering.
  • 2 Segment LED to show Assign or Bank/Pattern settings.
  • Decimal indicates value last sent to Mother32 over MIDI.
  • Aluminum knobs with knurled edge for easy manipulation
  • 10 HP
  • Skiff Friendly (Very shallow)

For more info, see the Erogenous Tones site.

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  1. Great idea. Surprised we haven’t seen more of these sorts of things (products specifically designed to extend popular inexpensive instruments). Like, how is there not a Volca mixer with clock distribution yet?

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