Make Noise 0-Coast Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

At Moogfest 2016, Make Noise was showing their upcoming 0-Coast synthesizer, an all-in-one monophonic synth that combines elements of so-called ‘East Coast’ and ‘West Coast’ synthesis approaches.

The Make Noise 0-Coast is a standalone synth module that can be controlled via MIDI. It’s normalized, so you can use it unpatched, but it also offers very flexible patching.

In the video above, Mike from Make Noise explains the new synth, and demonstrates some of the audio possibilities that the 0-Coast is capable of.

The 0-Coast is expected to be available soon, priced at US $499.

5 thoughts on “Make Noise 0-Coast Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. Seems to me this would make a sweeter partner to a mother 32 than a second mother 32. A very wide palette of sounds via complimentary feature sets that can be patched back and forth.

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