The Story Of Duke University’s Moog Synthesizer 1C, aka ‘Mystery Moog’

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At Moogfest 2016, there were several rare synths and synth prototypes on display at the Moog ‘pop-up store’.

This rare Moog Synthesizer 1c modular, aka the ‘Mystery Moog’, was on loan from Duke University, where it was recently restored by student Jeffrey Wubbenhorst.

Here’s Duke University’s take on the story of their rare modular:

Wubbenhorst is an undergraduate student in Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering, where he studies electrical engineering, computer science and music. He aspires to start an analog synth lab on campus.

The Moog Synthesizer 1c modular was cutting edge in 1968, but like many vintage analogs, had been decommissioned over the years and stored. In the video, Wubbenhorst shares the story of how he got involved in restoring the synth and why he thinks it can still be a great tool for not just teaching music, but for teaching everything from calculus to psychoacoustics.

7 thoughts on “The Story Of Duke University’s Moog Synthesizer 1C, aka ‘Mystery Moog’

  1. This video is obviously not about the Moog 1C – it’s more like a marketing video about a cool Duke student (and he is cool!). So I’ll put this one on Synthtopia for a misleading headline. Come on, guys, pay attention!

  2. Awesome young student!

    Yeah, the video is produced by Duke, but I love that this is a synth that was probably sitting in a closet someplace, and this guy realized how cool it was and brought it back to life.

    I would’ve liked to of seen this vintage beast in action a bit, but I’m guessing that Duke isn’t really making this video for the synth geeks. Lol!

  3. There’s no info whatsoever on the ‘story’? Besides the misleading headline the student seems very smart and capable and happy he got to work on the moog.

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