‘Food, Glorious Food’, Happy Synth Pop Style

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Miguel d’Oliveira shared this happy synth pop style performance of Food, Glorious Food, from the musical Oliver!

The arrangement features the Stylophone S2, which he notes is ‘temperamental’. 

Technical Details:

Synths: S2 multitracked twice + 1 Zebra
Drums: TR66 + bits from Vengeance Minimal House pack

4 thoughts on “‘Food, Glorious Food’, Happy Synth Pop Style


    Great job, Miguel. That really made me smile.

    Now I want to hear some Sondheim with that set-up!!

      1. Sunday in the Park with George has some excellent synth options… but the music isn’t easy, that’s for sure. That and West Side Story are my two faves just in terms of composition. But yea, Sweeney Todd is great, too.

  2. I always thought that those S2’s looked fun but were overpriced for what they are – it’s too bad because it is the kind of thing I would love to have in my array of random synths

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