Live Festival Performance In Immersive 360° Video

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Jørgen Hvirring shared this video, which captures a 360° video of a live performance by his band, Lövestad, at Shoeless in Amsterdam. 

“Me and my friend are in a band called Lövestad,” notes Hvirring, “and we’ve captured a our live-performance with a 360° video. We do a 100% live show with drum computers, synths and lots of improvisation.”

“We really like the 360° result, because you can see us working the synthesizers and drum computers, but also can switch to the crowd’s reaction.”

6 thoughts on “Live Festival Performance In Immersive 360° Video

  1. This was great – very immersive with the 360º video – just great to see and experience – lack of mobility means I am unable to physically join in such fun anymore, but this awakened many happy memories for me of similar times, thank you for sharing ! Much Love xxx

    1. Hello Gordon,

      Jørgen from Lövestad here. Your comment warmed our hearts. What the video did for you is more than we could ever wish for.

      All the best and hugs,

    1. There’s one in every crowd, janjan.
      You’re it today it seems.

      Don’t let these bastards get you down, Lovestad. Looks like a fun event.

    2. Closing your eyes and listen might help.

      I saw these guys play a couple of weeks ago, great energy. There are not enough live acts like this with actual live playing in club-land. Go Lövestad!

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