Signs Of Synthesis – Peruvian Electroacoustic Music (1991-2000)

Peruvian-electroacoustic-musicSigns Of Synthesis: Peruvian Electroacoustic Music (1991-2000) is a new compilation that brings together the music of a generation of Peruvian composers.

The album features music of Federico Tarazona, José Sosaya, Rajmil Fishman, Julio Benavides, Rafael Junchaya, Edgardo Plasencia, Gilles Mercier, Nilo Velarde and César Villavicencio.

Here’s a preview:

The CD is part of the Sounds Essentials Collection, a project to document fundamental works of Peruvian avant garde music.

It’s available via Bandcamp in digital and CD formats.

5 thoughts on “Signs Of Synthesis – Peruvian Electroacoustic Music (1991-2000)

  1. Always nice to hear this explorations in my neighborhood (I’m Chilean)

    Just a friendly note: The correct translation of “señales” is “signals” which is more pertinent to the subject.

    1. “Signs of Synthesis” is their English title for the album, not something we translated.

      ‘Signs’ is a homophone in English with ‘sines’, so there’s some wordplay in their chosen title.

      1. “Signs” can include the meanings expressed by “signals,” but is considerably broader, especially when used in semiotics (the study of meaning making).

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